ReadonlyTransform class

Defines the position, scale and rotation of an item.

Every Transform can be assigned to a BaseItem.parent which allows hierarchical editing of their position, scale and rotation. Created hierarchies are displayed in the Item Hierarchy tab.

Known subtypes


copy(self) -> Transform

Returns a copy of this Transform.

local_to_world_point(self, position: Vector3) -> Vector3

Converts local position to world position of this Transform.

local_to_world_vector(self, direction: Vector3) -> Vector3

Converts local direction to world direction of this Transform.

world_to_local_point(self, position: Vector3) -> Vector3

Converts world position to local position of this Transform.

world_to_local_vector(self, direction: Vector3) -> Vector3

Converts world direction to local direction of this Transform.


readonly axis_x Vector3

Red axis of this Transform.

readonly axis_y Vector3

Green axis of this Transform.

readonly axis_z Vector3

Blue axis of this Transform.

readonly forward Vector3

Shorthand for Y - axis.

readonly position Vector3

Position of this Transform using X, Y, and Z coordinates.

readonly right Vector3

Shorthand for X - axis.

readonly rotation Quat

Rotation of this Transform stored as Quat.

readonly scale float

Scale of this Transform.

readonly up Vector3

Shorthand for Z - axis.