physics namespace

Physics simulation properties and methods.

Note: To use physics on an item, enable physics with the item inspector. By default, items ignore physics collisions and forces.


add_scene_items(self) -> None

Enables physics on all items in this scene

create_explosion(self, origin: Vector3, radius: float, power: float) -> None

Creates an explosion force that is applied to all physics-enabled items within radius from the origin. If power is negative, the force attracts items instead.

remove_scene_items(self) -> None

Disables physics on all items in this scene


gravity_acceleration float

Defines the gravity acceleration of the physics simulation. Negative values cause items to fall 'up'.

gravity_direction Vector3

Defines gravity direction of the scene.

paused bool

Toggles physics simulation. If false, no physics are simulated in the scene.

physics_speed float

Defines simulation speed of the physics engine.

real_time bool

Toggles real-time simulation of the physics engine.