scene namespace

Visual representation of a space.

Scene methods allow you to


create_camera(self, pos: Vector3) -> CameraItem

Creates a new CameraItem in this Scene.

create_capsule(self, pos: Vector3) -> Capsule

Creates a new Capsule in this Scene.

create_cone(self, pos: Vector3) -> Cone

Creates a new Cone in this Scene.

create_cone_frustum(self, pos: Vector3) -> ConeFrustum

Creates a new ConeFrustum in this Scene.

create_cuboid(self, pos: Vector3) -> Cuboid

Creates a new Cuboid in this Scene.

create_cylinder(self, pos: Vector3) -> Cylinder

Creates a new Cylinder in this Scene.

create_ellipsoid(self, pos: Vector3) -> Ellipsoid

Creates a new Ellipsoid in this Scene.

create_frustum(self, pos: Vector3) -> Frustum

Creates a new Frustum in this Scene.

create_frustum4(self, pos: Vector3) -> Frustum4

Creates a new Frustum4 in this Scene.

create_hemiellipsoid(self, pos: Vector3) -> HemiEllipsoid

Creates a new HemiEllipsoid in this Scene.

create_semi_torus(self, pos: Vector3) -> SemiTorus

Creates a new SemiTorus in this Scene.

create_text(self, pos: Vector3, text: str) -> TextItem

Creates a TextItem in this Scene.

create_text_billboard(self, pos: Vector3) -> Cuboid

Creates a new TextBillboard in this Scene.

create_torus(self, pos: Vector3) -> Torus

Creates a new Torus in this Scene.

create_tube(self, pos: Vector3) -> Tube

Creates a new Tube in this Scene.

delete_items(self) -> None

Deletes all items in this Scene.

get_item(self, id: str) -> BaseItem

Finds an item by its id or name.

get_items(self) -> list[BaseItem]
get_property(self, key: str) -> str

Gets a custom property from this object. Returns null if the property can not be found.

on_property_changed(self, id: str, handler: Callable[[t: str], None]) -> None

Handles property value changes in this object.

set_property(self, key: str, value: object) -> None

Sets a custom property to this object.


readonly index int
readonly name str