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As easy as 1-2-3

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CoSpaces functions at a glance

Fill the stage

CoSpaces stage options.

The stage is yours! Fill it with characters and objects, change the setting of your space and see a new world come to life.

Edit objects

CoSpaces object options.

Adjust and modify your characters, figures and objects to individualize your space.

Place images on the stage

CoSpaces image options.

Drag and drop your own images onto the stage or search for images online to give your space more personality.

Add background sound to your space

CoSpaces sound options.

Let your spaces come to life with sound. Upload some background music to create a special atmosphere or add narratives to tell your own stories.

Share your creations

CoSpaces share options.

Welcome others to your worlds. Simply send them a link to your space and have them discover your creations.


Got any questions on how to use CoSpaces? Check out our tutorials or get inspiration for your next CoSpaces creation.