Creation toolbox

Get creative in 3 dimensions

Give students a space to build anything and demonstrate their learnings through unique creations.
Creating in CoSpaces Edu is a simple drag & drop process, possible on any desktop or tablet.

Fill the stage

Virtual world in CoSpaces Edu

Define the atmosphere of your space with various pre-defined environments and moods or using your own 360° images for the background.

Add objects and characters from a library of ready-to-use 3D models and create your own virtual world!

Build new constructions

3D modeling in CoSpaces Edu

Go one step further and make your own objects using 3D primitives, simple building blocks from basic geometric forms.

Import external files

External files in CoSpaces Edu

Upload any 3D models, images, videos and sounds to personalize your space!

Applications using 3D creation

Anything is possible in CoSpaces Edu!
Discover some of the many ways to use the 3D creation tools.

Virtual worlds

CoSpaces Edu playground View example CoSpace

The blank canvas in CoSpaces Edu is the perfect place for kids to let their imagination unfold and create anything using the many various 3D creation tools and elements available.

Virtual exhibitions

Language learning in CoSpaces Edu View example CoSpace

Virtual exhibitions can easily be adapted to many subjects and lesson plans to fit the curriculum, from vocabulary learning to scientific exhibitions or art galleries.

Infographics & presentations

Pirates Infographic in CoSpaces Edu View example CoSpace

CoSpaces Edu can simply be used as a platform to create visual class presentations and infographics with the various creation tools including adding text and inserting images.

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