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Adam Samuels portrait
earth Ohio, USA

Adam Samuels

EdTech & Learning Support Specialist

twitter @SamuelsEDU
Amanda Fox portrait
earth Kentucky, USA

Amanda Fox

STEAM Leader and Teacher

twitter @STEAMPunksedu
Amy Brownlee portrait
earth Tennessee, USA

Amy Brownlee

K-4 Technology & Innovation Teacher

twitter @abrownlee79
Amy Farkas portrait
earth Michigan, USA

Amy Farkas

STEM Educator

twitter @FarkasSTEM
Brian Cauthers portrait
earth New York, USA

Brian Cauthers

Science Teacher

twitter @mahopacskiteam
Brian Costello portrait
earth New Jersey, USA

Brian Costello

Digital Innovation Specialist

twitter @btcostello05
Darcy Grimes portrait
earth North Carolina, USA

Darcy Grimes

STEM Innovator

twitter @darcygrimesNC
Darren Alcala portrait
earth California, USA

Darren Alcala

District Technology Coach

twitter @MrDAlcala
Jaime Donally portrait
earth Texas, USA

Jaime Donally

Author | Speaker | Consultant

twitter @Jaimedonally
James McCrary portrait
earth Louisiana, USA

James McCrary

Director of Technology

twitter @jamesmccrary
Jason Hubbard portrait
earth Ohio, USA

Jason Hubbard

STEM Educator Grades 5-6

twitter @jsnhubbard
Jennifer Cauthers portrait
earth New York, USA

Jennifer Cauthers

Science Teacher

twitter @cauthersj
Jennifer Haller portrait
earth Ohio, USA

Jennifer Haller

Instructional Technology Coach

twitter @CoachJenniferH
Katie McNamara portrait
earth Bakersfield , USA

Katie McNamara

Teacher Librarian

twitter @KatieJMcNamara
Kristina Holzweiss portrait
earth New York, USA

Kristina Holzweiss

Educational Technology Enrichment Specialist

twitter @lieberrian
Margo Bridges portrait
earth Norton, USA

Margo Bridges

STEM Teacher

twitter @MBridgesNMS
Maria Galanis portrait
earth Chicago, USA

Maria Galanis

Innovation Curriculum Specialist

twitter @mariagalanis
Michael Fricano II portrait
earth Hawaii, USA

Michael Fricano II

K-6 Tech Integration Specialist

twitter @edtechnocation
Michael Voskoboynik portrait
earth Indiana, USA

Michael Voskoboynik

Technology Coordinator and Teacher

twitter @mvoskoboynik
Nicholas Clayton portrait
earth Los Angeles, USA

Nicholas Clayton

Teacher Grades 4-6

twitter @crikeypotter
Rachelle Dene Poth portrait
earth Pittsburgh, USA

Rachelle Dene Poth

Languages & STEAM Teacher

twitter @Rdene915
Robert Kalman portrait
earth New Jersey, USA

Robert Kalman

EdTech Educator

twitter @robert_kalman
Stephanie Wieczorek portrait
earth Wisconsin, USA

Stephanie Wieczorek

Library Media Specialist K-5

twitter @S_Wieczorek


Isabella Liu portrait
earth Toronto, Canada

Isabella Liu

Secondary Science Teacher

twitter @theisabellaliu
Jeff Hennigar portrait
earth Nova Scotia, Canada

Jeff Hennigar

Teacher Grade 5

twitter @mrhennigar
Marie-Eve Lapolice portrait
earth Québec, Canada

Marie-Eve Lapolice

Art Teacher

twitter @melrecherche
Mario Eleftheros portrait
earth Nova Scotia, Canada

Mario Eleftheros

District Tech Integration Specialist

twitter @margreek
Michael Leonard portrait
earth Ontario, Canada

Michael Leonard

Experiential Learning & Innovation Lead

twitter @mfleonard231
Mike Page portrait
earth BC, Canada

Mike Page

Teacher Grades 6-7

twitter @OpenSourceLab20


Carlos Espinosa Marchan portrait
earth Guerrero , Mexico

Carlos Espinosa Marchan

STEM Teacher

twitter @carlos_esma


Jonathan Nalder portrait
earth Brisbane, Australia

Jonathan Nalder

Digital Learning Coach

twitter @jnxyz
New Zealand

New Zealand

Geoff Bentley portrait
earth Waikato, NZ

Geoff Bentley

TechLeap Digital Club

twitter @techleap
Ian Cook-Bonney portrait
earth Dunedin, NZ

Ian Cook-Bonney

Digital Technologies Facilitator

twitter @iaincb
Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Heung Yuk Mu portrait
earth Kowloon, Hong Kong

Heung Yuk Mu

Training Specialist

twitter @ymheung
Kin Kong Fung  portrait
earth Kowloon, Hong Kong

Kin Kong Fung


twitter @KKFUNG10
William Fung portrait
earth Kowloon, Hong Kong

William Fung

Head of IT in Education and ICL

twitter @WilliamFungWH
Yiu Chung Yu portrait
earth Kowloon, Hong Kong

Yiu Chung Yu


twitter @yuyiuchung0911


Achraf Soliman portrait
earth El Arich city, Egypt

Achraf Soliman

French Teacher, Inspector & Technology Trainer

twitter @achrafsat9
Lamees Gouda Ameen portrait
earth Qualubeya, Egypt

Lamees Gouda Ameen

English Teacher

twitter @LameesGouda
Mai Mohamed portrait
earth Wadi Elgadeed, Egypt

Mai Mohamed

Science Teacher

twitter @maudamohamed
Nelly Hamed portrait
earth Cairo, Egypt

Nelly Hamed


twitter @nelly_hamed
Omnia Ismail portrait
earth Alexandria, Egypt

Omnia Ismail

Head of Edu-Tech Department

twitter @omniaismail1711
Sherine Syam portrait
earth Cairo, Egypt

Sherine Syam

Head of Computer Department

twitter @sherine_noor


South Korea

South Korea

Man Choi portrait
earth Gwangju, South Korea

Man Choi

Elementary School Teacher

twitter @manchoikorea
Rob McElroy portrait
earth Seoul, South Korea

Rob McElroy

Assistant Director

twitter @edtechmac


Clint Carlson portrait
earth Istanbul, Turkey

Clint Carlson

Education Technology Director

twitter @clinty
Idiye Ökten portrait
earth Istanbul, Turkey

Idiye Ökten

Director of Education Technology

twitter @cincinosos


Amouri Anis portrait
earth Tunis, Tunisia

Amouri Anis

Fine Arts Teacher

twitter @anis_amouri
Fatma Bouaziz  portrait
earth Sfax, Tunisia

Fatma Bouaziz

Computer Science Teacher

twitter @hadoulti


Nguyen Thi Dien portrait
earth Saigon, Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Dien

Chemistry Teacher

twitter @Nguyendien3004


Alvaro Molina portrait
earth Córdoba, Spain

Alvaro Molina

Maths Teacher

twitter @molinaayuso
Ascen Robles portrait
earth Jaén, Spain

Ascen Robles

CEO/Founder of Innova3D

twitter @selbora
Begona Codesal portrait
earth A Coruña, Spain

Begona Codesal

Primary School Teacher

twitter @Bcodesal
Jesus Arbues portrait
earth Catalonia, Spain

Jesus Arbues

Teacher and Researcher

twitter @jesusarbues


Stephanie Woessner portrait
earth Schwarzwald, Germany

Stephanie Woessner


twitter @petiteprof79
Torsten Becker portrait
earth Saarland, Germany

Torsten Becker


twitter @Bildungswunsch


Marco Neves portrait
earth Lisbon, Portugal

Marco Neves

Teacher ICT

twitter @mbrasneves


Elisabetta Nanni portrait
earth Trento, Italy

Elisabetta Nanni

Music Teacher and Teacher Trainer

twitter @Bettananni
United Kingdom

United Kingdom




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