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What's new in CoSpaces Edu?

New interface and 3D objects

New interface and 3D objects

The user interface was redesigned and the main tools made even more user-friendly.

The CoSpaces Edu library is also growing with more and more 3D objects for your students to play with. You can now even directly search for Poly objects!

Support for the Oculus Go

Support for the Oculus Go

Now offering support for the Oculus Go, we hope that CoSpaces Edu will become even more used in classrooms around the world to let students create their VR content!

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Back to school FAQs

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How can I renew my license plan?

Login to your CoSpaces Edu account and click "Manage license plan" to renew your license plan or directly contact sales at sales@cospaces.io. You can also add seats to your license plan when you renew it.

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How can I buy a Pro license plan?

You can buy a CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan on our website. Payments can be made directly online by credit card or you can request a purchase order based on a quote from us and make the payment by wire transfer. Click here to learn more.

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How much does CoSpaces Edu Pro cost?

CoSpaces Edu Pro license plans contain a custom number of seats based on your needs, which each cost USD 3.50 per year. Click here to view full pricing and compare license plans.

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Can I test CoSpaces Edu Pro for free?

Our Ambassadors give out CoSpaces Edu Pro trial codes letting you test the Pro version free for 1 month with 100 seats. If you aren't in contact with a CoSpaces Edu Ambassador yet, you can connect with them on Twitter. Click here to view the CoSpaces Edu Ambassadors Twitter list or contact us directly.

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How do I re-assign seats to new students?

You can easily re-assign seats to new students by removing and replacing students from the seats available in your CoSpaces Edu license plan. Freeing up a seat will let you use it for another student who you can invite with your class invite code. These options are available from the “Account management” dashboard.

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What should I do with last year’s classes?

With CoSpaces Edu Pro, you can archive your classes from the last school year to store them on your CoSpaces Edu account. To do this, click on your class and click “Archive class”.

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Where can I get support?

The CoSpaces Edu forum is the best place to get support from our team and from other educators who may have the same questions you do. You can also get support from our community of Ambassadors on Twitter. If you have a more individual technical issue or question on your personal license plan, please email support@delightex.com

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Goodies for your classroom

Student certificate

Use this customizable student certificate to reward your students for their creations!

Classroom posters

Decorate your classroom with these CoSpaces Edu posters!

Keyboard shortcuts

Print these keyboard shortcuts to create with more ease.

Weekly schedule

Let your students fill in their own CoSpaces Edu weekly schedule!

Get support from other educators

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Classroom design challenge

CoSpaces Edu Challenge