Teach coding in the classroom

CoSpaces Edu offers the perfect solution for beginners just getting started with coding, as well as scripting languages for more experienced coders.


The perfect solution for junior coders!
Visual and intuitive, Blockly is a block-based programming language similar to Scratch and easy for anyone to learn, even kids in K-12 grades.

JavaScript & TypeScript

More advanced coders can have fun programming scripts to add interactions and events or even create games!

Physics engine

Use code to experiment with physics! Create simulations of physical phenomena and visualize abstract scientific concepts in 3D or in VR.

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Coding activities

Who knew coding could be like playing a game? With these coding activities, students won't even realize they are learning to code! Instead, they will naturally learn by doing, while focusing on resolving fun challenges.

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Applications using code

Anything is possible in CoSpaces Edu!
Discover some of the many ways you can use code.

Storytelling & literature study

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CoSpaces Edu's 3D creation tools and coding features are the ideal combination to create stories.

Game creation

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Students have so much fun coding their own games in CoSpaces Edu!