Key features

What's inside?

CoSpaces Edu enables students to learn by doing, using the various tools available with the technology. All features in CoSpaces Edu can be adapted to fit different class subjects and learning objectives.

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Creation toolbox

Create mode in CoSpaces Edu.

Open a suite of intuitive built-in tools to create anything in 3D! Use existing assets from the library, building blocks to model your own objects, or upload external imports.

Available on: tablet, desktop, laptop, Chromebook

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Coding mode in CoSpaces Edu.

Use a visual programming language ideal for beginners or get access to scripting languages for more advanced coding.

Available on: desktop, laptop, Chromebook

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Virtual Reality

Classroom management mode in CoSpaces Edu.

Switch to VR mode and step into a new dimension! Explore your creations in an immersive 360° and 3D virtual environment.

Available on: mobile

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Teacher management

VR mode in CoSpaces Edu.

Manage and observe student work from a user-friendly dashboard with basic class management features.

Available on: tablet, desktop, laptop, Chromebook

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