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Hold your creations in your hands

Transform the MERGE Cube

CoSpaces Edu MERGE Cube

Transform the MERGE Cube

Project creations made with CoSpaces Edu onto the MERGE Cube with your smartphone or tablet to turn it into a hologram.

Create your own content

CoSpaces Edu MERGE Cube creation

Create your own content

The MERGE Cube add-on for CoSpaces Edu Pro lets you build your own creations for the MERGE Cube.

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Examples of applications

Anything is possible with CoSpaces Edu!
Discover some of the many ways you can use the MERGE Cube.

Hologram creation

Hologram creation View example

Students create anything they like and simply project it to transform the MERGE Cube into their own hologram!

Interactive learning

Interactive learning View example

The MERGE Cube can be a fun and engaging way to interact with the learning material. It can be used for example to memorize vocabulary in a language class.

Embodied learning

Embodied learning View example

Projecting content and being able to interact with it physically add to the student learning experience and help familiarize with complex concepts.

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