Physics engine

Experiment with physics

Discover the modern way to understand science and the world around us!

This feature is available in CoSpaces Edu Pro.

Activate real-world physics

Real-world physics in CoSpaces Edu

Enable physics in your CoSpace and see what happens!

Define object properties

Object properties in CoSpaces Edu

Connect your virtual space to the physical world! Modify the 3D objects physical properties inside your scene.

Code physical simulations

Physical simulations in CoSpaces Edu

Use the advanced coding features available in CoSpaces Edu Pro to create physical simulations with many factors such as velocity, acceleration and collision events.

Applications using physics

Anything is possible in CoSpaces Edu!
Discover some of the many ways you can use the physics features.

Scientific visualizations

Physics Feature Demo in CoSpaces Edu View example CoSpace

Abstract physics concepts and other topics in STEM classes can be so much easier to understand when represented in 3D!

Virtual experiments

Colorful Jenga in CoSpaces Edu View example CoSpace

Since anything is possible in CoSpaces Edu, why not use it as your virtual science lab?

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