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Basic version icon.Pro version icon.
Building blocks to create 3D modelsBasic checkmark.Pro checkmark.
View your creations in AR & VRBasic checkmark.Pro checkmark.
Access the CoSpaces Edu GalleryBasic checkmark.Pro checkmark.
Import external files 10 files per spaceUNLIMITED
Number of spaces available2 spacesUNLIMITED
Number of scenes inside spacesUnlimitedUNLIMITED
Number of classes available1 classUNLIMITED
Number of assignments available1 assignmentUNLIMITED
Access the 3D objects libraryLimitedUNLIMITED
Code with CoBlocksBasic blocksAll blocks
Copy and edit spaces from the GalleryPro checkmark.
Archive spaces and classesPro checkmark.
Code with JavaScript and TypeScriptPro checkmark.
Activate physics propertiesPro checkmark.
Number of seats available30 seatsBy request (min. 30 seats)
PriceFREEUSD 3.50 / year per seat
Pro version icon.


Coming soon


MERGE Cube Add-on

The MERGE Cube add-on allows creating advanced AR content specifically for the MERGE Cube in CoSpaces Edu Pro.

Hand with MERGE Cube

How to get CoSpaces Edu Pro

Starting from 30 seats

with each seat corresponding to either a teacher or student user role

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License plans FAQs

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What is CoSpaces Edu and why do I need it?

CoSpaces Edu is an online platform that enables the creation of virtual worlds and learning experiences whilst providing a more flexible approach to the learning curriculum. Working inside your browser, CoSpaces Edu allows users to create, explore and experience their own VR creations using customizable building tools and 3D assets. With numerous practical uses for both teachers and students, CoSpaces Edu opens up a whole new classroom for creating virtual models, presentations, narratives and much more. Learners can animate and code their creations with CoBlocks, JavaScript or TypeScript before exploring and sharing them in mobile VR.

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How can I get started?

You can create a CoSpaces Edu Basic account online absolutely free of charge and start using the platform right away. In order to upgrade from Basic to CoSpaces Edu Pro, you can use the “Upgrade to Pro” button at the bottom left corner of your screen or you can request a quote from us at Don’t forget to mention the number of seats desired in your CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan. If you need help or inspiration, we have tutorial videos on YouTube that will get you started and an active community on Facebook, Twitter and our forum.

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Can I get CoSpaces Edu Basic now and upgrade to Pro later?

Of course! Anytime you use your account, you will be able to choose to upgrade to CoSpaces Edu Pro and will be redirected to our pricing page where you can select the number of seats desired in your license plan.

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Can I get CoSpaces Edu Pro now and downgrade to Basic later?

Sure. When your license plan ends after one year, you will be prompted to either renew your CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan or continue with CoSpaces Edu Basic. Please note that after switching back to Basic, you will automatically lose all features that are exclusive to CoSpaces Edu Pro and which you may have been using in your spaces.

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How does the purchase order work?

Simply request a quote from us for the number of seats desired in your license plan. With our quote you can make the necessary steps to get the PO (or any other order form that you use at your school/company/institution). On reception of a purchase order, we will send you an invoice and you will have up to 30 days to make the payment.

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I work in a Title 1 School. Can we get a discount?

Yes, we offer discounts to all Title 1 Schools. Please request a quote at with this information.

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I am not in charge of payment. What should I do?

You can start by requesting a quote for the number of seats desired in your license plan from us. With this quote in your hand you can then proceed to the ones in charge of financial matters at your school/institution.

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What are seats and how does the license plan system work?

License plans are valid for a year from the time of purchase and contain a certain number of seats depending on your license plan. A seat can be used either by a student or by a teacher and can be transferred to a new person at anytime. This means that a user can be added, removed or replaced from a seat. What matters is only the total number of seats being used in your account. The number of occupied seats you can always check at the bottom left corner of your screen.

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Can several users share a seat?

A seat can be used on 2 desktops and 2 devices. Each user, student or teacher, must use their own seat and login details. However, you can easily re-assign seats to new users by adding, removing or replacing students from the seats available in your CoSpaces Edu license plan.

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Can I add seats to my license plan?

Yes, you are able to add seats to your license plan anytime. Simply purchase the number of seats you would like to add to your license plan in the upper right corner of your “Account management” screen or from this page or by sending an email to

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Can multiple teachers share a license?

Yes, a license plan can be shared between multiple teachers. When you sign-up for a CoSpaces Edu Pro license plan, you will automatically get an activation key, which you can share with other teachers to activate their account with.