Next level teaching

Stay in control while giving your students the freedom to create

Manage classes and students

Create classes in CoSpaces Edu and manage the students in your classes.

Invite students to join your classes and easily re-assign seats to new students when needed.

Organize classes in CoSpaces Edu

Share online assignments

Create individual or collaborative assignments and share them with your students online.

Teachers can base their assignments on CoSpaces they've created or let their students use the templates available in CoSpaces Edu Pro.

Share assignments in CoSpaces Edu

Observe student work

Follow your students' work online and observe how they handle the creation process, even in real-time from your teacher dashboard!

Observe student work in CoSpaces Edu

Share and get project ideas

Easily share your student's work online and get inspiration from projects by other educators in the CoSpaces Edu Gallery.

CoSpaces Edu Gallery

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