Creative play

There doesn’t always have to be a specific aim. Just playing and experimenting with CoSpaces can be a way for kids to express their creativity.

Ways to use it

Letting your students freely play with CoSpaces is a great way for them them to get familiar with the controls and possibilities of the platform – or just have some fun!



Complexity easy.


Paintbrush icon.

Encourage creativity

Computer icon.

Improve computer literacy

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Have fun!

What you need

Computer icon.
Smartphone icon.
VR Headset icon.


Preview image of the 'Sandcastle' space.


A sandcastle built from simple geometrical objects

Preview image of the 'Zoo' space.


A virtual zoo

Preview image of the 'Squirrel' space.


A squirrel built from basic geometrical shapes

Preview image of the 'Chocolate world' space.

Chocolate world

A fantasy world entirely made of chocolate

How to do it

Preview image of instruction step 1


The more features you know, the more fun you can have with CoSpaces. So take some time playing around with the controls or look that the tutorials on Youtube to find out about the possibilities.

Preview image of instruction step 2


Turn everything upside down: rotation is a very fun feature to play with. It enables you to create situations and things that could never exist in the real world.

Preview image of instruction step 3


Similar to Lego, you can use basic shapes in CoSpaces to put together new objects. Especially with the flexible objects and the possibility to rotate items, you can put together nearly anything you want.

Preview image of instruction step 4


Exploring self-made, crazy environments in VR is definitely fun – but not necessary in order to enjoy playing around with CoSpaces.