Greeting cards

Personal messages can now be three-dimensional: Build 3D greetings cards with your own photos and audio files that can be explored in VR by the happy recipient.

Ways to use it

Looking for a special surprise? Then put together a three-dimensional birthday card for your friend, create an exhibition with your best family pictures for Mother’s Day or build your very own Christmas wonderland for a loved one.



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What you need

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Preview image of the 'Happy Birthday' space.

Happy Birthday

A personalized VR birthday card with background music

Preview image of the 'Seasons greetings' space.

Season greetings

Season greetings showing a snowball fight

How to do it

Preview image of instruction step 1


Choose a background for your greeting card.

Preview image of instruction step 2


Create a scene that fits the occasion with the objects from the library or put together simple shapes to create your own objects (like this cake, for example).

Preview image of instruction step 3


If you want the greeting card to look good in VR, make sure the objects face the middle of the stage rather than one side of it.

Preview image of instruction step 4


Drag and drop your own photos from the desktop into the space to give it a personal touch.

Preview image of instruction step 5


Write your message onto a marker and add it to the scene.

Preview image of instruction step 6


You can also add background music – or your own voice singing or delivering a message.

Preview image of instruction step 7


To deliver a virtual greeting card, create a sharing link and send it to the recipient.