CoSpaces lets you build three-dimensional models without spilling glue all over your fingers. Being able to experience them larger-than-life in virtual reality, makes models of such abstract things as molecules or DNA a lot more fascinating.

Ways to use it

Building virtual models with CoSpaces works especially well for abstract topics, such as chemistry, geometry or molecular biology. In these fields, you can usually create a meaningful model from the basic geometrical shapes that CoSpaces offers.



Complexity between medium and high.


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Support understanding and memorization

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Practice spatial thinking

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Foster divergent thinking

What you need

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Preview image of the 'Glucose' space.


A model of the glucose molecule

Preview image of the 'DNA' space.


A reproduction of a DNA strand

Preview image of the 'Geometry' space.


An overview over geometrical shapes and their classification

Preview image of the 'Circulatory system' space.

Circulatory system

An abstract model of the circulatory system

How to do it

Preview image of instruction step 1


Make yourself familiar with the controls for rotation and the flexible geometrical objects before you start building a model. These will both be very helpful.

Preview image of instruction step 2


Models often use the same building block several times. For this, the alt-shortcut comes in very handy: Press the Alt key, click on an object on the stage and drag it. This will make a copy of the object.

Preview image of instruction step 3


Sometimes a basic shape for your model might already be a combination of several objects. Group them permanently so that you you can move, elevate and copy all at the same time.

Preview image of instruction step 4


While building you should keep changing the camera perspective to make sure that you actually put the object where you thought you put it. Perspective can easily play a trick on you.

Preview image of instruction step 5


With models, it does not always make sense to look at them in VR – but it can be a nice bonus, once you’re finished.