CoSpaces is an easy way to create scenes in 3D – to create or retell a story. With the virtual reality mode, you can even become part of those creations.

Ways to use it

Storytelling is especially interesting for (foreign) language classes.

  • Listening comprehension
    Students hear a story and then put it into a visual representation.
  • Story writing

    Creating 3D scenes can be an interesting supplement to writing a story. Either students first write a story and then bring it to life in a virtual environment. Or they first create virtual scenes as an inspiration for their story writing.
  • Speaking
Students and teachers can create little scenes to just talk about them – this is especially interesting for foreign languages at a beginner’s level.



Complexity between easy and medium.


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Encourage creativity

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Enhance verbal proficiency

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Improve listening skill

What you need

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Preview image of the 'Eli and the rocket' space.

Eli and the rocket

A short tale in four scenes, accompanied by a voice reading the story.

Preview image of the 'If cats were people and people were cats' space.

If cats were people and people were cats

A three-dimensional “What if?” story

Preview image of the 'Cinderella' space.


A scene from the fairy tale put into 3D

How to do it

Preview image of instruction step 1


Creating a story with CoSpaces is similar to building scenes with Lego or Playmobil. First choose the background.

Preview image of instruction step 2


Then create a setting for the story by dragging and dropping objects to the stage and adjusting their size, color and position.

Preview image of instruction step 3


Adding your protagonists works the same way.

Preview image of instruction step 4


To tell a sequence of events, you can create different spaces inside one project – or copy an existing space. With the latter option, you can the setting of your stage and just add some minor changes as the story evolves.

Preview image of instruction step 5


There are different methods to add words to your story: You can include text boxes or assign speech bubbles to the protagonists. Or you can add spoken words as an audio file.