Get your headset

Just one simple step away from diving into your own VR creations with CoSpaces. We recommend the following viewers for this.

Image of a third party manufactured cardboard

Any viewer with the "works with Google Cardboard certification" (WWGCC)

There’s a wide variety of viewers that meet Google’s cardboard quality standards out there. Simple and affordable, you may chose from any of these to dive into your VR worlds.

Image of the Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard - Google

The official Google Cardboard is affordable and easy to use. Just a couple of folds and you are good to go.

Image of the Mattel View Master VR headset

View Master VR - Mattel

Made of plastic, this viewer is priced a bit higher than other cardboard viewers. Yet, it is still affordable. It was especially designed for kids and promises magical experiences in VR.