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Making VR in education

You want your students to be makers? You want them to explore the possibilities of new media in all dimensions?
With CoSpaces, they can make their own VR experiences – like virtual models, presentations or stories –, share their creations and even explore them in virtual reality.

Cool Tool Award 2017 badge. Educational Appstore certified badge.

CoSpaces Edu

Coming soon: the CoSpaces Edu edition designed for the specific use in the classroom.


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Tell stories in 3D, build your own objects from geometrical shapes or create a whole fantasy world – CoSpaces offers so many ways to express your creativity.

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Visual learning and thinking

Texts and talking? Definitely not the favorite learning style for every student. Make your learning matter visual and three-dimensional – to foster engagement and memorization.

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Immersive experience

Fascination is key to learning: Use the immersive experience of virtual reality to create memorable experiences in class.