Coding with

CoSpaces coding with JavaScript

With the help of a script you can make simple interactions or even create games.
All projects you create are automatically playable in gyroscope and VR mode for mobile apps.

API Documentation

Preview image of the scripting API documentation website.

We are using JavaScript as a scripting language. The API documentation can be found below. Every method usually contains a code sample and a demo project.

The CoSpaces Scripting Google Group

Preview image of the CoSpaces scripting Google Group website.

If you have any questions or want to exchange with other CoSpaces users, join the CoSpaces Google Group . We look forward to seeing you there!

How to script in CoSpaces

Scripting pro badge.

In order to get scripting tools you’ll need to upgrade to the PRO account. As soon as you turn your account to PRO you will see a Code button in the project toolbar.

Scripting code badge.

The Code button will open a script editor for you.

Scripting play badge.

To run the script you will need to use the Play button.

Scripting bug badge.

You can open the javascript console window in your browser to see errors and logging information in order to debug your script.