Make your own
VR experiences

Making VR easy and accessible for anyone

Virtual reality unlocks new worlds. With CoSpaces, you can even make them yourself.
Choose from a library of objects and characters. Adapt and animate them. And make your very own VR experience come to life.

To explore your creations in virtual reality, all you need is the free CoSpaces mobile app and a cardboard headset.

Preview image of CoSpaces.
Birthday party scene build with CoSpaces.
Giraffes scene build with CoSpaces.
Underwater scene build with CoSpaces.

Create on the Computer

Image of a laptop running CoSpaces in build mode.

Imagine and create. Build your own worlds in the CoSpaces browser application.

Explore in the App

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Dive in and discover. Explore all your creations in the CoSpaces mobile app and find what others have built.

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CoSpaces in 3 easy steps

A man holding a key.

Create a new account

CoSpaces in build mode running on a laptop.

Build anything on the computer

A man with a Virtual Reality headset running CoSpaces in VR mode.

Dive into your creations in VR


Want to let your imagination run wild and free? CoSpaces is for both young and old. Create on your own or play and build together.

Space birthday party.
Space squirrel.
Space farm.


Creative thinking, learning and presenting - bring CoSpaces into the classroom and enrich the learning experience.

EU Infographic
Space Romeo and Juliet Storytelling.
Space VR exhibition.
Quote sign
Image of Man Choi

“Creating, sharing and cooperating are essential in the 21st century - CoSpaces embodies this optimally.”

Man Choi

Image of Carla Certin

“I’m happy I found CoSpaces. Great tool. Has amazing potential.”

Carla Sertin

CoSpaces in the news

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