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Schools around the world may be closed, but student learning can't be shut down and online learning is now more relevant than ever.

CoSpaces Edu offers a suite of intuitive tools for 3D creation, beginner coding, managing your classes, and various resources for digital and remote learning.

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Remote learning materials for teachers and students

Remote teacher guide
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Hygiene guidelines
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Message to families
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“CoSpaces Edu was a great option as it’s web-based and therefore easily accessible from a range of devices.”

James Haworth

Lead Teacher Learning Technologies

How to teach remotely

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To record videos:

To communicate during remote learning:

To organize lessons:

Stories of distance learning during the pandemic

Teachers in Hong Kong share teaching materials for home learning.

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Connecting cultures and sharing conversational language skills online.

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Schools close due to virus but classes continue in CoSpaces Edu.

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