Virtual Reality

Give learning a new dimension

With the revolutionary medium of virtual reality, students get immersed into the content, improving the experience through embodied learning.

Enhance the study material

Give a new dimension to the curriculum by adapting it to fit the latest technologies and making it more engaging and interactive.

View creations in VR

Discovering and exploring your own 3D creations in virtual reality can add value to the learning experience, as it gives students the possibility to get immersed in their creations.

Step away from consumption

Enable kids to become makers, creators, and inventors, not just consumers of content. By giving them a space to create 3D and VR content, you are opening a new perspective on multimedia and web content today.

Applications using VR

Anything is possible in CoSpaces Edu!
Discover some of the many ways you can use VR in the classroom.

VR experiences

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Entering an immersive 3D and 360° environment can add a lot of value to the experience and to the content being viewed. Students love creating VR content and exploring it!

3D visualizations

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Let students view 3D visualizations such as infographics or scientific simulations in VR!

VR games

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Playing in VR is so much fun! Whether creating their own games and learning to code or just having fun, students will enjoy playing in a virtual and immersive dimension.